Volunteer Dive Program Information

  1. Qualifications
  2. Selection and Training
  3. Apprenticeships and Training
  4. Job Responsibilities
  5. Benefits

I. Qualifications

  1. Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate
  2. Must be certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA by a nationally recognized certifying agency
  3. Must have logged at least 30 dives
  4. Must be willing to volunteer one full day every other week with a minimum commitment of one year
  5. Must complete & return a medical history questionnaire (provided by the Aquarium)
  6. Must be "team" oriented and willing to take direction from others
  7. Must be willing to perform general underwater cleaning duties
  8. Must have basic knowledge of marine animals and be willing to learn about the inhabitants of the Aquarium's exhibits
  9. Must have an interest in sharks and rays and be willing to dive in the "Wings in the Water" exhibit
  10. Must have an interest in coral reef habitats and be willing to dive in the Aquarium's Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit
  11. Must be willing to interact with the public & participate in public presentations
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II. Selection and Training

  • Written Test
    • Date: To be announced
    • Time: To be announced
    • Place: To be announced

    The written exam will cover general coral reef and marine mammal biology, dive safety and scuba diving skills (based on current certification requirements for all certifying organizations).


  • Interview and In-Water Skills Test
    • Date: To be announced
    • Time: To be announced
    • Place: To be announced

    This test is ONLY for those whose written exam score qualifies them for the in-water testing. You will need:

    • A Xerox copy of your SCUBA certification (front & back) as well as the actual card
    • A completed medical history form that will be sent to you

    PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be allowed in the pool without the 3 items listed above.
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III. Apprenticeships and Training

All volunteer divers who are selected for the 2007 Aquarium Dive Team will be required to attend volunteer training sessions on Saturdays beginning February 24th and continuing through March 24th. You'll be called upon to become active when an opening arises on the dive schedule. New volunteer divers are required to complete a 6-day apprenticeship.

  • Days 1&2 - Tend an experienced volunteer diver and begin to learn routines. (These are your "dry" days.)
  • Day 3 - Dive with an experienced diver, do some cleaning in the tank, and observe feeding and learn to identify animals (Wings in the Water & Atlantic Coral Reef)
  • Day 4 - Dive with an experienced diver, clean and do some of the feeding. (Wings in the Water & Atlantic Coral Reef)
  • Day 5 - Alternate feeding & cleaning duties between both exhibits.
  • Day 6 - Your feeding and cleaning techniques and general comfort in the exhibits will be evaluated. A qualifying test on procedures and animal identification will be given.
  • Day 7 - Work on your topside narration at the dive platform (Wings in the Water).

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IV. Job Responsibilities

  • Preparation of food for coral reef fish, rays, and small sharks, and clean-up of the Food Prep Area
  • Routine dives in the Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit to feed fish, clean artificial coral and windows
  • Routine dives in the Wings In the Water exhibit to feed fish and clean
  • Must be knowledgeable about both exhibits to give public presentations and answer visitor questions
  • Making underwater presentations and using the underwater communication system
  • Performing general cleaning duties in Dolphin Pools and Open Ocean habitat
  • Keeping daily Dive Logs and feeding records
  • Maintain direct and open communication with your Dive Team
  • Other general help to staff as requested
  • Obtaining a substitute when you cannot attend

Commitment: : 1 full day (9:00am-5:00pm) every other week for one year

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V. Benefits

  • Free parking on your volunteer day
  • Free individual Aquarium membership after 6 months service, free family or upgraded membership after 2 years service
  • Free admission passes awarded yearly for minimal hour accrual
  • Free entry to the Aquarium for yourself
  • Free or discounted admission to special members programs for you and guests
  • Two annual volunteer parties
  • 30% discount at the Aquarium gift shop and cafes
  • Pins awarded for every 500 hours of volunteer service & certificates for years of service
  • Complimentary admission to many aquariums and zoos across the country

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